Buy Swiss Passport Online


Buy Swiss Passport Online

Buy real quality biometric Switzerland passport with RFID-chip inside online. It will be 2020 year document with 10 years validity. Swiss passports contain 40 pages and a data page. 36 pages are provided for foreign visas and official stamps. A Swiss passport (in Deusch: Schweizer Pass, in French: Passeport suisse, in Italiano: Passaporto svizzero) is the passport issued to citizens of Switzerland to facilitate international travel. For travel within Europe, Swiss citizens can use an identity card with few exceptions. From 1 March 2010 and according to the Schengen Agreement, Swiss passports are all biometric. All passports (Pass 10) containing a chip with a photo of the face, two digital fingerprints and a digital signature.

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Passport and identity card

Switzerland provides two kinds of identity documents for its citizens: a passport and an identity card. These provide proof of identity and Swiss citizenship.

How to apply for a passport or identity card

Depending on which canton you live in, you can apply for an identity card either in person at the residents’ registration office in your commune or at your canton’s passport office (by phone or by internet, in person depending on where you live). Some cantons offer both ways of ordering (common domicile or passport office)

You can apply for a passport or a combination of identity card and biometric passport at the same time by internet or phone. When your application has been examined, you will be invited to come to the passport office in person to record your data (photo, signature and finger prints. Certain cantons allow you to bring your own digital photo. After your personal interview and once your application has been accepted, you will receive your passport and/or identity card within 10 working days by registered post (or within 30 days if sent to an address outside of Switzerland).