Buy Danish Driver License Online


Buy Danish Driver License Online

Although Denmark is well known for its biking culture, there may be times when you need a car for a road trip or simply to move around. Getting a driving license in Denmark is not easy, and definitely not cheap. The good thing is that there are some driving schools that offer both theoretical and practical classes in English, which is great especially if you don’t speak Danish yet.

In order to obtain a driving license in Denmark, you must have a permanent address registration in Denmark. Photo by Kim Haugaard/Ritzau Scanpix.

There are certain requirements when applying for a driving license in Denmark, and you should make sure you fulfil all before starting. Read on our article to find out more about the process to expect when applying for and taking a Danish driving test. Of course, requirements may vary depending on your situation or country of origin, so I suggest you enquire more information at the driving school or at your local Borgerservice.

Learning To Drive In Denmark

The theory test can be sustained one month before the 18th birthday. The practical test cannot be done earlier than the 18th birthday date. Photo by CC0 Public Domain

When enrolling in a driving school you must provide a permanent address registration and a CPR number, as well as a passport-sized photograph and health certificate from a Danish doctor.

The minimum age for a driving test is 18 years old; however, it is possible to start a theory driving course at 17 years and 9 months of age. Both theory and practical tests must be completed before a driving license is issued. In general, it is the driving school that takes care of all administrative formalities when applying for a license for the first time. Buy Danish Driver License Online

All new drivers must undertake the minimum legal requirements of seven hours of traffic-related first aid lessons, 28 theory lessons, four practical manoeuvre lessons on a track, 16 driving lessons in traffic, four lessons on an advanced slippery track. These lessons must be taken with a driving school and generally last 45 minutes. Some schools can provide all the lessons in English. At some instruction schools, it is possible to take theory lessons online.

All lessons must be documented in a logbook and they must be integrated (follow on from each other). If a student decides to change driving schools they must take this logbook to the new driving school. Buy Danish Driver License Online