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Austrian Passport

  • Austrian Passport

    All new Austrian passports include fingerprints (except for children up to 12 years of age and emergency passports).

  • All applicants, including children and infants, must be present at the Embassy or the Consulates when applying for new passports. Please schedule an appointment before coming to the Embassy or an Austrian Consulate. Postal applications cannot be processed.
  • Austrian passports are generally valid for ten (10) years and cannot be extended.
  • If you change your name you have to apply for a new passport.
  • Each child, including newborns, must travel on their own passport. The endorsements of children in passports of their parents became void on 15th June 2012. The passport of the parent itself remains valid until the expiry date, but only the holder of the passport can travel with it!
  • Even though your Austrian passport is still valid you can apply for a new passport at any time.

Which documents to submit when applying?

The following documents have to be submitted*:

  • completed form “Reisepassantrag Erwachsene
  • completed form “Personenstandserklärung Erwachsene
  • birth certificate (original and copy)
  • proof of citizenship by either
    • Certificate of Citizenship (original and copy)
    • Austrian Passport (except Emergency Passport)
    • Austrian ID (“Personalausweis”)
  • proof of current place of residence (driver’s licence with current address, lease agreement, utility bill, or similar)
  • one recent passport picture, not older than six months and meeting the criteria (see Link “Passbildkriterien” or Link “Prüfschablone für Passbilder“)
  • Proof that you have not accepted the citizenship of another country (not older than two months):
    • for permanent residents of AustraliaVEVO from the Australian Department of Home Affairs
    • for permanent residents ofNew Zealand: “Denial of Citizenship”, to be obtained from the Citizenship Office, Department of Internal Affairs. If you have a temporary visa a copy of the relevant visalabel has to be submitted
  • in Australia self-addressed pre-paid envelope (only required if you do not wish to pick up the document in person; registered post, express or platinum express recommended)

If applicable:

  • current passport (if passport has been lost or stolen: proof that loss/theft has been reported to police)
  • proof of other citizenship(s) (original and copy)
  • marriage certificate (original and copy) and name change certificate
  • divorce decree(s) of former marriage(s);
  • proof of academic degree (original and copy), if you wish to have it entered in the passport (degrees from EU and EEC countries only!)
  • grant of permission to retain Austrian citizenship “Beibehaltungsbescheid” and certificate of naturalisation (original and copy)

Please note:

Public documents not issued in Austria have to be legalized. Documents issued in Australia or New Zealand have to be legalized by means of an “Apostille”. Documents issued by other countries have to be issued with the relevant legalization (Apostille or other) and must be translated into German (except for documents in English).

*If your current passport was issued by the Embassy and there have been no changes since then (marriage, divorce, etc.), it is not absolutely necessary to re-submit documents already known to the Embassy. In individual cases, however, additional documents may be required.

Where to apply?

Click here: Austrian offices

Austrian citizens living abroad may also apply for a passport with the local authorities (city or county government) while in Austria for vacation etc.

How long to wait for a new passport?

Austrian passports are produced at the “Österreichische Staatsdruckerei” in Vienna and sent to the Austrian Embassy Canberra biweekly. Provided that the application has been complete the issuance of a new Austrian passport may therefore take between four to six weeks.

Express passport

Express passports are produced by the “Österreichische Staatsdruckerei” in Vienna in a fast-track procedure and then sent directly via express mail to the applicant wherever he/she is living. When applying for an express passport the same documents as for regular passports have to be submitted.

Emergency Austrian Passport

In urgent cases the Embassy can provide you with an emergency passport for your trip back home to Austria. Emergency passports are valid for up to six months (in exceptional circumstances up to one year). It is recommended that you take a copy of your passport with you on your trip. Furthermore, you must present proof to the Embassy that you have filed a police report and you must credibly show your identity (e.g. driver’s license, identity witness) and citizenship.

Please be aware that a number of countries do not accept emergency passports and might therefore deny border crossing.